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Bristol Misogyny Watch - it's a bit like Autumnwatch but for misogynist behaviour in the media and at the Council in the Bristol area; anyone or any organisation who should know better in fact.

Yes, it's 2010. Yes, we all hoped that those dinosaur attitudes would have been long gone by now but it seems that they are alive and kicking in Bristol still.

This blog will record incidents of misogyny or sexism or discrimination in the media and at the Council. It's not slander. It's just how it is. Unfortunately.

Please let us know if you spot any misogynist behaviour that you'd like recorded on the blog.

Dinosaur Parade

Dinosaur Parade

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Marks and Spencer - a special appearance

Making a special appearance on Bristol Misogyny Watch is Marks and Spencer.  This is a rare creature - a misogynist which pretends to be in tune with women, which are this particular type's main customers.

Yet Marks and Spencer was spotted sub-leasing a former Simply Food store to the Hooters breastaurant chain in August 2010.

Despite hundreds of complaints and appearances in the national press, this creature laid low in the hope that the threat from its predator (outraged feminists) would pass quietly and it could go about its normal day to day business of pretending not to be misogynist.

However, this special appearance won't be forgotten by many women and men in Bristol who will continue to avoid this creature's habitat until all association with Hooters is at an end.

Spotted - 3 councillors voting for a Hooters restaurant

Hooters - a restaurant which has the USP of the female waitresses' breasts and sex appeal.

The site - in a cumulative impact zone, which means that the default setting is to refuse a licence. 

Bristol City Council - a public body with a duty to uphold gender equality in all that it does.

So why, in August 2010, did 3 councillors on a licensing sub-committee grant the Hooters "breastaurant" chain a licence to operate in a cumulative impact zone despite strong police objections?  Yet a month later they decided to REFUSE an application for an alcohol licence from a corner shop in Southmead because of the potential impact on crime and disorder in the area.  That application gathered a 200 strong petition.  The say no to Hooters petition had around 950 signatures (and rising) when it was presented to the Council.

We can guess but we think it's probably because the councillors don't really see things from a woman's perspective.  Why would they?  Women aren't that important!  Women are just 52% of the population, after all!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Voting for a lapdancing club

Some would say that voting in favour of an application for a lap dancing club is misogynist.  We all know how harmful lap dancing clubs are, right?

So surely anyone who is reasonably intelligent and who has the benefit of sitting on the North Bristol Domestic Abuse Forum would not want to vote in favour of a flawed planning application for a lap dancing club?  Surely?!

Yet, this councillor was spotted in December 2009 at a licensing sub-committee meeting voting in favour of this application.  The vote was 5-2 against.  Apparently this was not because of misogyny, but because the councillor believed that the application would win any appeal against the council.

It didn't.

The Planning Inspectorate upheld the council's decision in August 2010.  Funny that.

Bristol Evening Post

Spotted in October,the political editor of the Evening Post remarking that the opening of the Hooters breastaurant was an "own goal for sour faced feminists".

Following this article, which opened up the floodgates for yet some more feminist bashing online, the editor and the political editor of the Evening Post were asked to sign this media pledge against misogyny.

However, they didn't even bother replying to the request.

International End Violence Against Women Day - or should that be: International End Violence Against People Day?

The United Nations had designated the 25th November 2010 International End Violence Against Women Day.

However, two Lib Dem councillors at Bristol City Council believe that it's discriminatory to have an EVAW day.

They visited the Council's EVAW photocall.  One councillor refused to look at the artwork on display because it had been put together at workshops for female survivors.

Both councillors have been asked to issue an apology but none has been forthcoming as yet.