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Bristol Misogyny Watch - it's a bit like Autumnwatch but for misogynist behaviour in the media and at the Council in the Bristol area; anyone or any organisation who should know better in fact.

Yes, it's 2010. Yes, we all hoped that those dinosaur attitudes would have been long gone by now but it seems that they are alive and kicking in Bristol still.

This blog will record incidents of misogyny or sexism or discrimination in the media and at the Council. It's not slander. It's just how it is. Unfortunately.

Please let us know if you spot any misogynist behaviour that you'd like recorded on the blog.

Dinosaur Parade

Dinosaur Parade

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Marks and Spencer - a special appearance

Making a special appearance on Bristol Misogyny Watch is Marks and Spencer.  This is a rare creature - a misogynist which pretends to be in tune with women, which are this particular type's main customers.

Yet Marks and Spencer was spotted sub-leasing a former Simply Food store to the Hooters breastaurant chain in August 2010.

Despite hundreds of complaints and appearances in the national press, this creature laid low in the hope that the threat from its predator (outraged feminists) would pass quietly and it could go about its normal day to day business of pretending not to be misogynist.

However, this special appearance won't be forgotten by many women and men in Bristol who will continue to avoid this creature's habitat until all association with Hooters is at an end.

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