Bristol Misogyny Watch

Bristol Misogyny Watch - it's a bit like Autumnwatch but for misogynist behaviour in the media and at the Council in the Bristol area; anyone or any organisation who should know better in fact.

Yes, it's 2010. Yes, we all hoped that those dinosaur attitudes would have been long gone by now but it seems that they are alive and kicking in Bristol still.

This blog will record incidents of misogyny or sexism or discrimination in the media and at the Council. It's not slander. It's just how it is. Unfortunately.

Please let us know if you spot any misogynist behaviour that you'd like recorded on the blog.

Dinosaur Parade

Dinosaur Parade

Friday, 11 March 2011

'Bristol Evening Post' Watch

While trawling the internet yesterday, seeking hard and fast evidence of the decline in readership or the loathsome Bristol Evening Post, I stumbled upon this blog, which shows one man's dedicated efforts to discredit the scummy BEP at every turn. As you can see - he's done a very through job and we salute him. Sadly, it seems the blogger closed his site in 2009 after he moved away from Bristol... but we do very much need to keep monitoring the BEP for all its hideous and unacceptable treatment of women - whether as blatant misogyny, or disguised as more subtle gender stereotyping (the BEP has a terrible tendency to only portray women as mothers and victims, as if that's all we can be).

PS - I should add that I found the hard and fast evidence of the decline in readership of the BEP. In the regional ABC figures (published 23 February 2011), the BEP lost 6.2% of its sales period-on-period, and 3.8% year-on-year to a readership of 39,944. Allowing for the fact that journals assume four people read each copy and massage their circulation figures accordingly, this figure can be divided by four to get a more realistic readership of 9,986 daily. Which is titchy. Hopefully, the paper will shrivel up and vanish soon.

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